Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Lemon Fireworks

To all those in the United States, Happy Independence Day! For me it's a day that's filled with many happy memories of picnics in the park, swirling sparklers, and fireworks lighting up the night. Since moving to the Northwest, most of those memories have been cold, soggy ones. We try to have the proper spirit, but having a picnic indoors, trying to barbecue under the roof overhang to avoid the fire going out in the downpour, and huddling up in wool blankets to watch fireworks just doesn't seem right.

This year, though, we've got a proper Independence Day going. It's clear, sunny, and looks promising. I can see that we'll go through at least 3 boxes of sparklers, a vat of sunscreen, and a tub of ice cream. Good thing I've got The Perfect Scoop on hand!

What better way to cool off and enjoy summer than with ice cream? In a cone, in a bowl, or straight from the tub with a spoon -no other food as completely embodies summer to me. Cool, sweet and refreshing, it's the perfect ending to the perfect picnic on the perfect day. And I've found the perfect summer treat - Super Lemon Ice Cream. It's quick and easy to make. You don't heat up the kitchen or have lots of pans to wash. And it's wonderfully sweet yet tangy. Mmmm, quick, go get a batch going so you can enjoy it, too!

Leave comment and tell me what your favorite picnic / holiday /summer food is. Please put a link, if it's something you've posted on your blog. I'd love to hear from you!

Super Lemon Ice Cream
adapted from The Perfect Scoop - David Lebovitz (of course)

(When fruit is sprayed, the spray tends too concentrate in the skin or peel, so look for unsprayed fruit if you're using the skin)

2 lemons, preferably unsprayed
1/2 cup (100 g) sugar
1/2 cup (125 ml) freshly squeezed lemon juice (from about 3 lemons)
2 cups (500 ml) half-and-half
Pinch of salt

Zest the lemons directly into a food processor or blender. That way you capture the flavorful citrus spray, rather than flavoring your cutting board. Add the sugar and blend until the lemon zest is very fine. Add the lemon juice and blend until the sugar is completely dissolved. Blend in the half-and-half and salt until smooth.

Chill for 1 hour, then freeze the mixture in your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lynn, No 4th of July celebrations going on here in England. But I have very fond memories of my celebrations in Oregon. My very favourite picnic food is cold home fried chicken. The very best memories of eating my mother's chicken. vely!
Also ice cold watermelon...great big ones!
I have just made your recipe for banana bread. I have quite a few good ones already but wanted to try yours as less fat is used. It is in the oven as I type! I will give you a verdict a bit later. My daughter will be home Friday eve and it is for her.
Happy 4th of July...blow some kisses to my sisters in Oregon for me, OK?

BugnLVoe said...

Potato Salad!!! Yum!
I love a good 4th of July BBQ.
Today our menu is: Grilled Rib Eye Steaks, Grilled Texas Toast, Corn on the cob, potato salad, baked beans, chips and a strawberry shortcake jello dessert.

Happy 4th! :-)

Anonymous said...

sounds delicious. My family has an ice cream maker and we love making sorbet. :D

I tried your recipe for snickerdoodles for the second time today and they are turning out marvelously.

Jonathan and I went and saw Ratatouille and LOVED it! Such a great film. Glad you enjoyed it.

Have a wonderful holiday!

**doffs her cap and vanishes**

Unknown said...

Non fat Iced Latte. But...that is my favorite everyday!

WokandSpoon said...

I have to check out David Lebovitz' book! Looks like he has some delicious recipes in there! Your ice cream looks lovely!
And I hope you had a great 4th of July!

Patricia Scarpin said...

Ice cream is the ultimate summer food, Lynn, I agree!

Anonymous said...

Looks refreshing! I made lemon sherbert yesterday, it is a great summer treat!

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Melinda - You gave me such a craving for fried chicken! I'll have to either buy or make it this week. Kisses blown.

Gabe - I've missed you. How was the fast? David L. says, unfortunately he has no experience using Splenda for ice cream.

Emily - Mmm, that sounds perfect for a hot day.

Wok and Spoon - Thanks, it was wonderful!

Patricia - What's the weather like in Brazil? Is it ice cream weather?

Maria - That sounds delicious!

Abby said...

That looks great! I love strawberries WITH my ice cream - such a pretty garnish, too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Cheryl said...

I'm very excited to have found your blog. That really is a super lemon ice cream. Lemon is just the perfect flavor for summer.

Anonymous said...

I love lemon ice cream. Yours looks lovely!

Patricia Scarpin said...

Hey, sweetie,

Brazil is a really big country so the weather varies a lot depending on the region you are.
I live in Sao Paulo and we have been having 25ºC days and 14ºC nights - I can have ice cream during the day and soups at night!! ;)

Anne said...

who could resist this yummy treat?! it looks so refreshing :)

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for asking about that for me. I think the best way I'm going to be able to make ice cream or sorbet without sugar is to use a condensed fruit syrup. We haven't tried yet but should some time.

The fast was good and very needed.

Jonathan and I are about to ply one of your cookie recipes once again. Dad whipped up some pear cinnamon sorbet and he wants yummy cookies to go with. So we are going to make a batch of snickerdoodles.

Thanks again for all the amazing recipes.

**doffs her cap and vanishes**

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Abby - Thanks! You have a lovely blog.

Cheryl - Glad you found me. I agree - lemon=summer

Kristen - Thanks so much!

Patricia - I know Brazil is HUGE! Ice cream in the day and soup at night sounds perfect.

Anne - Thanks. You should make some for your boys.

Gabe- So glad the snickerdoodles are a hit for you!

Anonymous said...

I love your photos and your recipes. Yummy!

Kelly-Jane said...

Great pic of your ice cream :)

I'm Scottish, so we don't do 4th July, having said that I really fancy doing Ina's flag cake one year!